A few words on ‘Save the Date’, honeymoon and…

Posted by Alina on 8 September 2010 | 0| Write a comment

First of all, thank you to all the guests who replied to our electronic ‘Save the Date’ cards – it is so great to know so many of you will be joining us in Poland! I guess this means everything is official now!

Other than sending out the emails, Steve and I have been doing some research on various honeymoon destinations. Even though it looks like a serious strategic operation with so many details that need to be included, it is still so nice to look through the catalogues, choosing hotels, checking the weather… I can’t wait until next year!

Also, last week I bought new scales and tomorrow (or next week) I am joining the gym… Yes, I’ve got the ‘need-to-get-into-that-dress’ syndrome and I’m taking it very seriously! 😉 So fingers crossed I will stay motivated until the Big Day (and I guess the honeymoon as well!)!

Alina x

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