2 months left (well, even less than that now!)!

Posted by Alina on 31 March 2011 | 0| Write a comment

2 months to go. Or even less now.

I do get slight panic attacks every now and then but so far I haven’t changed my mind about getting married, so it’s all good!

We’re half way through sorting out all the legalities – we still need to visit Polish Embassy before Easter and after that everything should be sorted and we just need to turn up at the church on the day!

Next on the agenda is choosing the menu and wines – luckily, I’ve got Steve on board on this one (what is that telling you??). We might even arrange a private wine tasting at home aka buying some wines and trying them, but without spitting out!

Apart from that it’s shopping time! I need to get A LOT of things for the day, but I’m also enjoying buying some nice stuff for the honeymoon. Ohhh I can’t wait for that!

A x

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