To wear a wedding ring or not?

Posted by Alina on 1 April 2011 | 0| Write a comment

As you know, there is another good looking couple getting married very soon.

Yes, I mean Kate and Wills.

It doesn’t come as a surprise any more when I open a newspaper /web page and I read about the Royal Wedding, how are the preparations going, speculations on Kate’s dress, guest list etc. But today one article caught my eye by accident.

Palace confirms that Prince William will not be wearing a wedding band when he marries Kate Middleton

Apparently, he discussed it with Kate but has chosen no to wear a wedding ring, as ‘it is simply down to personal preference’. OK, fair enough – even without a ring EVERYONE IN THE WORLD (and especially every woman!) will know he’s no longer single. But how about the ordinary guys? Should they wear a wedding ring?

There is a poll on the article’s page asking Should all men wear wedding rings when they get married?

The results are 68% for YES, 32% for NO. I presume it was mainly women answering this question….

And yes, I am in those 68% – otherwise, how would the world know a guy was married?


Therefore I need to speak to the jewellers when we’re picking up Steve’s ring  and ask them to make it very, very tight.

Just like a bird’s ring, so he will never be able to take it off and every girl in the world will know he’s taken!

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