The Dress

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Let me tell you a little bit about THE Dress…

It was actually one of the first things I ticked off my wedding ‘to-do’ list back in June 2010 – only by (happy) accident as I didn’t think I would get my dress so quickly! Knowing me and my endless unsuccessful shopping trips, I was convinced it would take me at least few months and visiting at least a few different shops.

Back then I was in Poland visiting my parents and I thought it would be fun going around wedding dresses boutiques just to see what was out there. I had a few pictures of the styles I liked on my phone – just in case. So I took my parents one Monday morning to one of the well-known shops and showed the assistant pictures of the dresses I liked. She brought them (or similar ones) to my changing room and the trying on session begun.

Firstly, I tried on a dress I really liked that I had a picture of – and I looked awful! The style didn’t suit me, the colour made me look very pale and I could tell my parents weren’t impressed. Not a good start! Then I tried a second dress – a bit nicer, but it didn’t ‘wow’ me. And then the shop assistant gave me a dress that wasn’t on any of my pictures and said to me ‘I know you didn’t consider this one, but I think this style will really suit you and you will look stunning in it’.

So I tried it on. And guess what??

That was THE dress!

As soon as I appeared in front of my parents I knew they liked it – my dad was speechless! I looked at myself in a mirror and really liked it, although back then I was still covered in last-stage-of-chickenpox spots and couldn’t see myself ‘beyond’ them. But everyone around (my parents and the shop assistant) kept on telling me I looked beautiful. And I believed them… :-) Even though I felt incredible in it and loved the material, the style and the colour, I didn’t want to buy it there and then – I really was convinced you can’t find a wedding dress on the first day and in the first shop you go to! So I decided to look at dresses in other shops (on the same day).

I dragged my mum to 2 more shops (dad passed at that point as he was convinced I already had found my dress so he didn’t want to look at me wearing other ones). I tried the styles I liked but absolutely nothing stood out for me. AND I kept on thinking about ‘my’ dress! That’s when I unofficially made my decision.

But knowing me, that still wasn’t enough to get back to the first shop and buy the dress! Three days later me and my mum were going to Krakow to meet with our photographer and on a way back we went to a different branch of the same shop we went to on the first day – just to see if there is anything different there than in Katowice.

I tried maybe 2-3 different dresses and then I asked a shop assistant for ‘my’ dress. And as soon as I put it on…. that was it – I was sold! Like a magical cloak, it made me instantly happy, excited and confident in how I looked in it. And that was enough for me to finally buy it!

Since then, whenever I look at the picture of my dress on internet, I get such a warm feeling inside…. and I just can’t wait to be able to wear it very, very soon! :-)


  1. Alina I can’t wait to see you in “the dress”. I am feeling emotional just thinking about it. I am really looking forward to the joining of our families and having you as the new Mrs Clark! XXX

    Comment by Sue Clark on 9 April 2011 at 6:00pm

  2. I and Andrzej were lucky to see the beautiful dress (as the first ‘witnesses’) 😉 and Alinka in ‘her’ dress made me enchanted… So now I can’t wait to see you, my dearest Alinka in this wonderful dress again on your wedding day:)

    Comment by Lucy i Andrzej on 9 April 2011 at 7:47pm

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