After the Hen Weekend…

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We’re back! I can’t believe it’s all finished and it means that I actually get married in 2 weeks!! I had an amazing time but let’s start from the beginning…

I got picked up from work on Friday evening by my two bridesmaids – Anna and Olga. They were waiting outside my office with a bottle of pink champagne and a pink flower! We went for a quick drink (aka another bottle of champagne) in a bar on Strand. After that, we went back to my flat and I had to start packing, as I knew we were flying out that night – still didn’t have a clue where exactly. The other two girls (Kerry and Jinwei) joined us and they all dressed me up in my hen outfit – Marilyn Monroe’s dress and blonde wig! And I was supposed to wear it on a plane!

We didn’t sleep that night, as we had to be at the airport at 4.30am… Each of us had a ‘sleep crisis’ at some point that night, but the excitement definitely got us going. We got to the airport and, unfortunately for me, it was very busy – unfortunately, because EVERYONE was looking at me, dressed as Marilyn. Oh dear, I felt like a complete idiot – purely because it was cold, so I accessorized the dress with white Converse and red knee high socks to keep me warm! Definitely didn’t look sexy at all! We went through the security check – I still didn’t know where we were going. We sat down to have some breakfast and it was then when the girls ‘told’ me where they were taking me – they told me to look at the screen with the flight details. And there it was – Berlin!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! I always wanted to go there so it was a great surprise.

We got to Berlin early in the morning on Saturday and took a train to city centre (not mentioning we took a wrong train – something that was happening a lot during this short stay in Germany!). We found our hostel, left our bags and hit the town. Me, still dressed as Marilyn (but without Converse and red socks!), and girls wearing pink tops with Marilyn’s face on them – we looked so cool!

First on our agenda was food – we went to this awesome, bohemian cafe called Schwarzes Cafe, very popular in Berlin (and not very known by tourists) for amazing breakfast they serve. And indeed, it was delicious!

Then we hopped on a open-top double deck tourist bus – so cheesy, but so good! We had a chance to see the key sightseeing spots in Berlin, and the weather was beautiful, so it was very enjoyable. And during the tour we visited a famous chocolate shop and we had a quick ‘photoshoot’ on a red carpet – very Marilyn! Pictures to follow soon.

After the tour we got back to the hostel, got changed and ready for the evening. We went to this amazing restaurant/club called Spindler & Klatt, which was located by the river and had a very Mediterranean vibe. We had a table outside and because it was getting a bit chilly, we got blankets to cover ourselves – how cosy!

The food was unbelievably delicious and the evening itself was just perfect. At some point (probably around 11pm) we moved inside to the club, where the party had already started. It was a completely different experience to what I normally experience in London – a bit older crowd, different music, different setting. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great – it still was! We had a fabulous time, but by then we were all soooooo tired – we hadn’t slept in around 36h! So we headed back to the hostel at some point to catch up on some sleep.

And then it was Sunday – our last day. My girls have organised a visit to this fantastic spa called Liquidrom – all I can say is WOW! Everything was truly amazing – the place, the vibe, the thermal bath, the sauna, the terrace… I could stay there all day and it still wouldn’t be enough! And the girls even booked me an aromatherapy massage – how very sweet of them. That definitely took away the pre-wedding stress, I just wish I could have it every day!

After the spa we went quickly to see the East Side Gallery – a 1.3km long section of the Berlin Wall, which consists of approximately 100 paintings by artists from all over the world, painted in 1990 on the east side of the Berlin Wall. It was very interesting to see it up close.

And after that we headed to the airport to catch the plane back to London! And then that was it – my Hen Weekend was over! :-(


I must say I am amazed how well everything was organised – I couldn’t have done it better myself! I want to thank all of the girls for making that weekend so special and unforgettable – THANK YOU!

And a big thank you to my amazing maid of honour Anna for organising it all – YOU’RE A STAR!!!


And now let’s  think of what’s happening in 2 weeks time…



  1. Wow! Alina what a fabulous weekend. A nice mixture of fun and relaxation with good company. Perfect. Sounds like Anna did a marvelous job. XXX

    Comment by Sue Clark on 13 May 2011 at 5:07pm

  2. It is good to hear it once more :)

    Comment by Lucy i Andrzej on 13 May 2011 at 9:18pm

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