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Here are a few helpful Polish phrases for all the guests that are going to be coming out for the wedding this Saturday. We’re both really looking forward to the wedding and can’t wait to see you all very soon!

English Polish Phonetic Audio
Hi Cześć Che-sht Listen
Hello/good day Dzień dobry Jen dob-rey Listen
Congratulations Gratulacje Grat-ulat-sia Listen
Yes Tak Tack Listen
No Nie Nair Listen
Thanks Dzięki Jen-key Listen
Thanks very much Dzięki bardzo Jen-key bard-zo Listen
Please Proszę Prosh-air Listen
Excuse me/sorry Przepraszam P-sh-eprash-am Listen
Cheers! Na zdrowie Nas-dro-vea
Bitter (Kiss)* Gorzko Go-shco
A beer please Piwo proszę Pivo prosh-air Listen
A wine please Wino proszę Veeno prosh-air Listen
A vodka shot please Proszę shot wódki Prosh-air shot vod-key Listen
It’s not ginger, it’s strawberry blonde Nie, to nie jest rudy, to świński blond Nair, tsor nair yest roo-dee, tsor sven-ski blond
Do you come here often? Bywasz tu często? Bi-vash too cho-shto?

*This is a Polish tradition at weddings. All the guests chant “Gorzko” and although this means bitter, it is actually a demand for the bride and groom to kiss.

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  1. Gr8 idea! But some important translations are missing… What is your best football team or Up O’s! :))

    Comment by Wojtek on 25 May 2011 at 10:46pm

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