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We did it ! We’re married! I can’t believe we are now husband a wife! It still feels surreal, and I love the novelty of calling Steve ‘husband’ and ‘hubby’ 😉

I could talk and write about the past Saturday for hours, but I can say is WOW, WHAT AN AMAZING DAY IT WAS! And forget about the weather, even the rain didn’t ruin it for us (well, it ruined the possibility of having photos taken outside, but hey, we can live with(out) that). We had such a blast and enjoyed every minute of it.

People have been asking me if I remember everything or whether I was nervous on the day. I must say, I was a little bit nervous in the morning because of the preparations and everyone running around in the house. But then in the car, on our way to the church, I was super calm. Everything felt good, natural – I was about to get into that church and marry the guy I love like crazy, why would I be stressed? And then in the church I thought I would be very nervous when saying the vows, that I would start crying, but no – all felt good and right. And I made a deal with myself that I would try and remember as much as I could – and I did! The day didn’t feel like a blur, I remember all the details, all the wishes, all the conversations I had with our guests. It was perfect.

What I also love is the fact that when I look at people’s photos on Facebook, I am smiling in pretty much every photo. It is such great proof that I was the happiest girl in the world on that day. And I still am now!

But all this talking about how great that day was wouldn’t be complete without saying a big THANK YOU to all of our guests – friends and family. You made our day very special, very memorable and we were and still are enormously overwhelmed by the love and support you have been giving us. We are so happy to have you all in our lives, so thank you once again for being there with us and celebrating this special day.

Tomorrow we are hosting our post-wedding BBQ for those who couldn’t come to Poland (and those who came but just can’t resist a hogroast!), so I am looking forward to seeing you all there!


  1. We CAN believe you and Steve are now husband and wife! :) Your wedding day will be unforgettable, as it was wonderful and so romantic. Thank you for all moments of it!

    Lucky you that you remember everything, I suppose I was more nervous, because I know I missed some details and don’t remember everything…

    WE LOVE YOU! :*

    Comment by Lucy i Andrzej on 3 June 2011 at 11:38am

  2. It was a truly magical day enjoyed by everyone. Wonderful organizing by all involved. We know how hard you worked to make everything perfect. No one could be prouder than us Alina to have you as our daughter in law. We know you are going to make a wonderful wife to Steve and in time a wonderful mother too. We hope you have a long Happy life together.
    All our love
    Sue and John

    Comment by Sue and John on 3 June 2011 at 2:18pm

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