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Some of you have probably seen the photos of our flower decorations on Facebook and I might have mentioned what the idea was behind them. But for those who don’t know why we chose a dragonfly as a motif, tell me tell you the full story…

Our decorator was 1/2 of the company called Patykwia – a lovely young lady, who has a passion for flowers, decorations and photography. I knew we would hit it off straight away! When sending out my first email to her, I described the venue, what I wanted, what I liked and what I felt would be suitable. And we both agreed that we could relate to the location of the venue, the forest, the lake and the Hunting Lodge. She proposed a motif of a dragonfly, as you could notice them by the nearby lake. And I loved it! It just fitted perfectly with what I wanted – Polish spring flowers, various twigs, forest moss, fern, tulips, lily of the valley… And it fitted with my very laid-back dress and my idea of the day.

I absolutely loved the process of choosing flowers, deciding on the little details, thinking about how the whole decorations will look – there were never ending possibilities but I didn’t want to go too far.

And I will never forget this warm feeling inside when I saw my bouquet for the first time…. It was everything I wanted!

Oh, and with regards to the dragonfly – on Sunday, while taking a walk by the lake, me and my new husband (!) spotted a few dragonflies and guess what – they were the same colour as our chosen colour! That made me believe that the motif was a perfect fit with the location.

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