Gift list / Honeymoon

The biggest gift to us is your attendance to help us celebrate our marriage and we appreciate that it will be an expensive weekend for those coming to the wedding. So please do not feel obliged to buy us a gift at all.

Should you wish to buy us a wedding gift however, we do have a honeymoon gift list at Trailfinders. If you would like to contribute please click here. The list is under the surnameĀ Clark with reference code 5B62MR. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated.

About our honeymoon

Alina is very much a lounging-on-the-beach-kinda-girl, whereas, as most of you well know, the sun and I don’t tend to get on very well! So when picking our honeymoon destination it was all about compromise (good practice for the marriage). What we have decided upon is a four day city break in Cape Town in South Africa followed by a week in the sun in Mauritius.

We have already got lots of trips lined up for Cape Town, including Robben Island, a trip up Table Mountain and a excursion out to the wineries. But the highlight for me is going to be Cage Diving with Great White Sharks! It took quite a lot of persuasion, but somehow I have managed to get Alina to agree to it despite showing her videos like this one.

The second part will be a much more laid back affair in the Paradise Cove resort in the North of Mauritius. Here my new wife and I will be able to enjoy the sun, relax and maybe participate in some scuba diving and snorkelling. Don’t worry, I’ll take plenty of factor 30 sun block!