Our timeline

1980 .
March Steve is born in Whipps Cross Hospital, Leytonstone. View photo
1984 .
Sept Steve’s first day at primary school. View photo
1986 .
May Alina is born in a hospital in Mikolow, Poland.
1987 .
May Steve plays Joseph in the school production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Critics describe his performance as “mesmerising”.
1989 .
June Steve sees Leyton Orient promoted with a play-off win at home to Wrexham.
1991 .
June Steve wins the Clubman of the Year trophy for Ridgeway Rovers FC.
September Steve starts secondary school.
October Alina has her heart broken for the first time.
1992 .
September Alina starts primary school. View photo View photo
June Steve makes history by becoming the first person in Ridgeway Rovers’ history to be awarded the Clubman of the Year trophy for a second year running. View photo
October Alina gets her first cat – Sheba. View photo
1995 .
June Steve makes his debut for the school cricket team. He opens the batting, scores one run and drops three catches. He was never picked again.
July Alina takes part in a beauty pageant while holidaying by the seaside with her family. She doesn’t even get to the top three. View photo
1996 .
June Steve rips the cruciate ligament in his right knee while playing football. His illustrious football career is over.
1997 .
August Steve goes on his first lads holiday to Magaluf. He didn’t get as lucky as he though he would.
October Alina takes part in a piano recital. She’s the only contestant who didn’t go to music school. It shows – not many people clap after she finishes playing. View photo
November Steve fails his driving test.
December Steve fails his driving test a second time.
1998 .
January Steve fails his driving test a third time.
Febuary Steve fails his driving test a forth time.
March Steve finally pass his driving test.
June Steve finishes secondary school. He got 9 GCSEs and 3 A-Level. He passed all these test first time. View photo
September Steve starts university.
1999 .
April Alina gets her braces which she will have for next 4 and a half years. With her pale skin, blue eyes and black hair she gains a nickname ‘Wednesday Adams’.
June Steve spends three months traveling down the East coast of Australia. View photo
2002 .
June Steve graduates university. View photo
August Alina kisses a boy for the first time… and she likes it!
2003 .
July Alina goes on her first holiday on her own to Rimini, Italy. Three words: party, party, party! View photo
November Steve embarks on a year long traveling expedition around the world – taking in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the USA. View photo
2004 .
January Alina attends her high school prom and although she isn’t prom queen she’s definitely in the top three! View photo
May Alina finally turns 18 and finishes high school. View photo
June Alina comes to London for the first time and falls in love with the city. View photo
October Alina returns to Poland and begins university.
November Steve returns from his travels.
2005 .
March Steve starts a new job based on Finchley Road, Hampstead.
2006 .
May Steve sees Leyton Orient promoted with a last minute winner at Oxford.
June Alina moves to London to work as an Au Pair in Hampstead for the summer.
August Alina+Steve meet in the glamorous location of the Walkabout on Finchley Road, Hampstead. He buys her a pineapple Bacardi Breezer and they hit it off. View photo
October Alina goes back to Poland to finish her degree. The long-distance relationship – long Skype talks, endless texts and expensive flights – begins.
2007 .
February Alina+Steve meet up in Barcelona. View photo
June Alina+Steve meet up at the Open’er Festival in Poland. It rains nearly all weekend. View photo
July Alina graduates university.
August Alina moves to London for good and starts her Master’s degree.
September Alina+Steve move into their new flat.
2008 .
January Alina+Steve go on a romantic trip to Paris. View photo
2009 .
June Alina+Steve go on holiday to Thailand. One night while walking along the beach Steve gets down on one knee and proposes. Alina’s answers “Are you kidding?” before saying yes. View photo
October Alina+Steve get a cat – Frankie. View photo
November Steve grows a moustache for the Movember charity. View photo
2010 .
May Alina is awarded her Master’s degree. View photo